About us

Avantrado – your partner for Amazon, eBay and co.

We are an e-commerce service provider with extensive expertise in Amazon, eBay and online distribution.

  • We support brand manufacturers in generating constant revenue growth in several online channels (Amazon, eBay, online shop).
  • We position your products in the best possible way on Amazon (Seller program) and eBay.
    • In order to do so, we handle the entire process (listing, account management, marketing, after sales services, customer service) on your behalf (commission).
    • This will keep you in control of your product portfolio and your brand image.
  • We also help you setup and implement your own Amazon Seller account and coach your staff to ensure sound operation of the Seller account.
  • Avantrado consists of a team of experts with many years of sales experience, as well as inside experience with Amazon and in strategic business consulting.

Who we are

Felix Gassmann
Managing director
Meike Decker
Managing director
  • Over 6 years sales experience with renowned online shops
  • 7 years of experience directly at Amazon (Vendor, instock and project management)
  • Several years of pan-European e-commerce strategy development
  • 6 years in strategic management consulting

Our goal

  • Position your products in an optimal way on Amazon and eBay in close alignment with you
  • Avoid channel conflicts
  • Enable the best possible sales
  • Ensure independence

What we do for this

  • Define the optimal Amazon strategy for you
    • Joint development of the ideal positioning at Amazon in the sellers area, as well as on eBay
    • Definition of a pricing strategy implemented by intelligent repricing systems
    • Development of an optimal logistics concept
    • Implementation of the Amazon strategy
      • Implementation of the defined positioning and pricing
      • Management of the product sales
      • Monthly reporting of your sales
      • Collaboration with agencies in the field of Amazon and eBay SEO to create content – if desired

Why Avantrado?

Amazon – an important sales channel, which bears several challenges

  • Negotiations with Amazon are often quite one-sided due to their market power
  • Communication with Amazon vendor managers is often difficult
  • Special expertise is necessary for Amazon, e.g. to optimize product pages and marketing
  • Technology outweighs relationship

Avantrado offers you three models of collaboration

Amazon Seller broker

Selling ​​your products via the Avantrado Seller account on Amazon as commission business


  • Control over the prices
  • Avoidance of channel conflicts
  • Alternative to vendor to avoid possible dependencies
  • Improvement of availabilities
  • Additional assortment
Amazon Seller coaching

Supporting and coaching your employees in setting up, operating and optimizing your own Amazon Seller Account


  • Build-up of internal know-how
  • Seller account directly connected to your brand
  • In case of existing Seller account, utilisation and improvement of existing infrastructure
eBay Seller broker

Selling ​​your products via your or the Avantrado eBay account on commission basis


  • Additional sales channel
  • Controlled appearance
  • Controll over prices
  • Improvement of availabilities
  • Additional product portfolio

Logistics models

  • Fulfillment by Amazon – our recommendation
    • You ship your products directly to the Amazon warehouse. Amazon executes the fulfillment.
  • Dropshipment – possible by arrangement
    • You ship the goods to the end customer after having received the customer order from us.
  • External fulfillment service provider – possible by arrangement
    • You ship your products directly to an external service provider. The service provider executes the fulfillment.

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